Hiring a Fatal Injury Lawyer – Who is Best for the Job?

Hiring a Lawyer After a Tragic Accident

It’s a scenario in which no one wants to find themselves. A loved one has been killed in an accident and you need to hire a fatal injury lawyer who is experienced in the field of making damages claims. Having to make such a pragmatic decision in the face of the emotional and financial tensions that arise from such a terrible event can be overwhelming. But it must be done.


It is essential to learn your legal rights quickly and be prepared to pursue a claim, if warranted. The Ontario Limitations Act stipulates a number of time limits for mounting legal actions and the clock starts ticking on them very quickly. A lawyer who has great experience in fatal injuries can ensure you meet those deadlines.


Who is the Right Lawyer for Your Claim?

It’s possible that someone you know has used a personal injury lawyer and can give you an informed recommendation. Good word-of-mouth is often a reliable guide.

The practice of law is very focused on individual fields. Gone are the days when a lawyer had a general practice and did everything from wills to litigating injury cases. The Law Society of Upper Canada posts a referral list on its website – lawyers in different regions of the province with whom you can meet and have an initial free consultation. This excellent option enables you to determine if you have a claim – and with no obligation to further use the services of that particular lawyer.

In addition to word-of-mouth and the Law Society’s list, many personal injury lawyers advertise online. Their websites run the range from sophisticated and informative - to flashy and shallow.


Here are some hints to choosing among them: 


  • Did you learn something from the site? The best ones contain information and articles on personal injury law, with attention paid to the diverse areas within the field. In fact, a good website may have articles posted on the exact claims scenario in which you find yourself. Additionally, does the site include biographies and professional information on the firm’s lawyers?
  • Consider geography. You may need to confer with your lawyer in person. Is the firm nearby? Alternately, if you are unable to go to the lawyer – will the lawyer come to you?
  • Does the lawyer speak your language? Ontario is a multicultural province and a quarter of its residents speak a language other than English at home. What language are you most comfortable speaking – and can your lawyer speak it with you?
  • Does a Claim Always Go to Trial? After a catastrophic event, the last thing place you will want to be is in a courtroom, litigating your claim. The question often arises – do personal injury claims always go to trial? The answer is no. The vast majority of claims are settled pre-trial. If the case is cut and dry, it is likely to be resolved with the insurance adjuster.


Others can be resolved after an examination for discovery or even at pre-trial. The basis of personal injury case resolution in Ontario is negotiation. A fatal injury lawyer can handle that for you, on a contingency basis. Find a fatal injury lawyer that can assist with your damages claim and get the compensation you deserve.